Our mission is to create the ultimate kit-buying
experience for hunters and shooters.

The Kitfinder Story

Developed by the team behind Fieldsports Channel, Kitfinder gives YOU the chance to scan the whole of the UK market in seconds. We thought that if it works for cars and insurance, why can’t it work for us?

For too long the online customer journey for anyone with an interest in fieldsports has been broken. Time wasted, dead ends, not in stock, second best.

Kitfinder is different. We do the leg work, we get the best deals and you get something that’s been missing: Choice of dealer, choice of service, choice of price. There’s no pressure to buy, just the opportunity to make a good decision with all the information in front of you on your personal Kitfinder dashboard.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone interested in buying shooting and hunting equipment in the UK. We know many of the fieldsports community have done their research before looking to buy, now just let Kitfinder supply you with the best deals.

If you like the look of some new range finders? Kitfinder it. Looking for a used .22LR? Kitfinder it. Enjoyed the T.G.S Rizzini factory film, then search the country’s gunshops for the right model, right spec and for the right price, all through Kitfinder.

What’s in store?

That’s one of the big problems, it’s tough to know because of interrupted/disrupted supply chains. Thankfully Kitfinder deals with the whole supply chain from manufacturers to distributors to dealers. If a Kitfinder search doesn’t connect you with your product we’ll do our best to find out when it’ll be back on the shelf.

About our Gunshops & Dealers

Who are our gunshops?

We’ve invited the best in the country to partner with us. They understand that Kitfinder delivers customers to their digital front door, but that’s just the start.

Price and customer service is what will win them that sale and their own dedicated Kitfinder shop page will explain just what services and facilities they can offer. Do they have free off street parking, the use of a range, or a gunsmith? Can you try before you buy, zero a new scope? All are questions you can ask because we want Kitfinder to turn a shopping trip into an “event.”

Of course many shooters are loyal to their local dealers. We understand this and you can choose to stay local or look further afield. A national search will of course offer you the greatest choice.

Kitfinder does not sell kit

We simply find you great offers from our huge network of verified UK dealers. If you wish to buy, you buy directly from these dealers.

Kitfinder dealers

We monitor for quality. We check to ensure dealers are providing a great customer experience. We only want to work with friendly, knowledgeable dealers who care about great service. We say goodbye to the rest.

Awkward haggling is a thing of the past. Dealers are committed to offering their best price upfront, saving you the need to haggle.
We don’t charge you anything to use Kitfinder. Dealers pay us based on the volume of customer requests they want to engage with.

Don't just take our

Word for it

Join the 100’s of happy hunters and shooters that have found excellent deals through kitfinder.

Really easy to use.

Carlos Carubia Customer

We designed Kitfinder to benefit everyone, by giving consumers choice and driving business to the UK’s gunshops.

David Wright Co-Founder & Director

Kitfinder is the most exciting development in the shooting industry, fills a big gap in the consumer buying journey

James Westbrook Commercial Director

Kitfinder is a breath of fresh air for the UK shooting market.

Ian Jensen Customer